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Clare Cory Lawyer & Mediator

Professional Services


The introduction of a national electronic conveyancing system is a significant reform for property lawyers in Australia.

I offer efficient services utilising my 20 years experience and comprehensive understanding of the legal framework of the new system – including the Electronic Conveyancing National Law and Model Participation Rules.

My services in NSW include:

• purchasing and selling property in Australia for overseas clients.
• PEXA- Aus electronic settlement,Caveats, and Priority Notices.
• General and commercial contract advice.
• VOI -Verification of Identity for clients in Australia and overseas through IDfy.
• Searches through InfoTrack (Au &UK)
• eCOS- electronic Contracts of Sale.
• SignIT electronic signing and exchange of contracts.
• EDR- Electronic Document Registration for Duties.

 If you wish to buy or sell property in the United Kingdom, click here to look at this useful online service:


Public International Law

I have a Masters of Public International Law (PIL) from London School of Economics (LSE). My 20+ years of experience encompasses Federal and State governments, International and Regional organisations, as well as Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment.

I offer services in:

  • environment consultancies, including risk assessments for PICs
  • Aus4Skills grant and international funding applications
  • lecturing/tutoring in PIL
  • mooting and  trial skills
  • reports and publications in Multilateral Environment Agreements (MEA) including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.
  • International Dispute Resolution and mediation

For more information look at the following sites:
– My joint  recent publication: Vn MEA HANDBOOK in 2017 (19 conventions)
–  Oppenheim’s International Law UN textbook 2017
– For information on UK marine, water and sustainability sector go to the Bob Earll twitter account.  
– Interesting articles on International law can be found at the American Society of International Law website.   
VN legislation site 


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PO Box 625, Manly, NSW, Australia 1655